How to Take Care of Your Leather Bag

Do you own a couple of bags in your wardrobe? Most of the time, women possess at least two bags or more, depending on personal preferences. There are plenty of bag styles on the market, ranging from totes to clutches. But one real and rather fancy fashion investment is a designer leather bag. These bags exude style and sophistication. Aside from posh leather bags, there are also upcycled bags or those that are created from reclaimed yet usable materials like fabrics, plastics, and more. Upcycled bags are mostly eco-friendly, and highlights uniqueness through a mélange of distinct layout and accessories.

5 Celebrities Getting Behind The Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is back in a major way, and this year, the throwback accessory is fresher than ever. When you heard the term 'fanny pack,' you might have immediately pictured the cheap, brightly colored bags we once cringed at from the 80s, but they’ve actually evolved to become quite fashion-forward. And us? We’re totally on board. Fanny packs have simply become more versatile and can be worn with nearly anything these days. This hands-free trend will give your shoulders a break with the added convenience of having your items securely within arms reach.
Still not convinced? All of the biggest fashion houses (think Gucci, Chanel and Alexander Wang) are revisiting the fanny pack in all of its many forms, and we’re even seeing them hit the runway. And yes, formerly a fashion faux pas, the fanny pack has become quite the celebrity staple. Every modern icon, from Rachel Zoe to Miley Cyrus has hit the street or red carpet in some extravagant version of the once mocked accessory. He…

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