How to Rock This Season's Hottest Color Trend (hint: it's a bold one!)

Fall is here and red is the official color of Fall! As always, there are lots of new fall trends. While we love most of them, the one we’re most excited about is the color explosion of red! Straight from the runways to the streets, we’re seeing it spread like wildfire (no pun intended). From scarlet and candy apple to crimson and maroon, it’s definitely the hue to be seen in this season. Yes, red, in all its unapologetically bright, bold glory. Of course the color is nothing new within the realms of the fashion world, but this year we’re seeing it unlike we ever have before. We’re seeing more of it, and we’re seeing it go monochromatic. Daring? Indeed. Flattering? Surprisingly much so.
While head to toe red is definitely in, you can certainly rock this new trend through more simple and subtle ways. So don’t shy away from it just because you prefer a more minimal palette. While there are certainly more approachable colors (all black, all day), red is quite versatile and can be tailore…

How to Take Care of Your Leather Bag

Do you own a couple of bags in your wardrobe? Most of the time, women possess at least two bags or more, depending on personal preferences. There are plenty of bag styles on the market, ranging from totes to clutches. But one real and rather fancy fashion investment is a designer leather bag. These bags exude style and sophistication. Aside from posh leather bags, there are also upcycled bags or those that are created from reclaimed yet usable materials like fabrics, plastics, and more. Upcycled bags are mostly eco-friendly, and highlights uniqueness through a mélange of distinct layout and accessories.