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What is Upcycling?

I had a déjà vu moment today when I woke up and checked my inbox.  I came across this inspirational article from Ecouterre.  The topic was about upcycling tips for emerging designers.  This particular article was a great reminder that upcycling as a method for creative fashion design can still be achieved and admired.

I started Mei Vintage with the vision of turning the old into something new.  The focal point of my design was to incorporate vintage kimonos and turn it into a unique collection of earthy timeless handbags.  At first it sounded like a simple idea, but the process turned out to be not so simple.  It was a challenge to find unwanted materials and keeping production methods as cost effective and sustainable as possible.  With a lot of research and determination, I finally had a clear vision.  The result was to use a combination of new, recycled and organic materials while keeping all production locally.  During this process, eco-designer Orsola de Castro has truly been a hu…