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A Gorgeous Day in Hermosa

What a gorgeous day in Hermosa wonderful brainstorm on my next leather handbags and wallets!  Can you believe it's 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! It's days like today that I am especially thankful that I live in Cali.

Checking out stand-up paddlers

View of South Bay 

Wearing my red vintage Moschino ballet flat for my bike ride today... so cute and comfy!

View of South Bay ..... not a cloud in the sky!!

Year of the Dragon

Good bye 2011. Hello 2012!! Year of the Dragon holds a special place in my heart for the Chinese Zodiac sign.  My grandmother, who is the proud owner of the mini dumpling satchel , she was born in the year of the Dragon, and she's the sweetest old lady.  She's such a great female role model.  Her ambition, wisdom, and passion for life holds true to her fierce dragon personality.   Aside from my bias, the Dragon is the most treasured sign because it is the mightiest of them all.  That means we’re all in for a mighty good year! Dragons tend to be dominant, very successful and ambitious. Dragons are driven, unafraid of challenges, and are risk-takers. So get ready, I think this year is going to be powerful!  Speaking of getting ready for a brand new year...   I was in search of a lucky charm the other day and I came across these adorable Chinese zodiac charm necklaces from a New York based jewelry designer, Alex Woo.  They are just too cute to pass up! She also makes numbers, let…