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Some of my favorite things

I recently took time out to declutter my closet as I believe in keeping only quality, timeless, and unique items whenever possible. Spring is the time when I donate my old clothes and make room for new ones. This season, I'm in love with Lauren Moffatt's Plumeria quilted top dress and I think our new kimono clutch/crossbody in powder blue goes perfectly with it, as well as some of my other favorite finds. Spring is finally here! I can't wait to go outside and enjoy all the activities spring has to offer!

1. Plumeria quilted dress by Lauren Moffatt, $410 2. Kerfuffle nail lacquer by Butter, $15.00 3. Creamy coral pink lipstick by Anna Sui, $30.00 4. Kimono clutch in powder blue by Mei Vintage, $89.00 5. Narrow band by pollywales, $2,400 6. Fedora Hat by Barts Aveloz, $50.78 7. Volcano no.6 candle by Capri blue, $35.00

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Happy April! This lovely quote is a simple reminder to celebrate life and Mother Earth! April is the month we celebrate Earth Day, but we don't have to limit your green to just one day a year. Here's 17 easy things we can do to help keep our planet greener and happier every day! 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson