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Music Festival Ready

Coachella has kicked off festival season in all its wonderful, sweaty, fringed glory. With dozens of more events on the docket for summer 2017 (Summerfest, Bonnaroo, and Pitchfork to name a few), music fans are flocking from all across the globe to hear their favorite bands and enjoy a carefree, unforgettable weekend of fun in the sun. If you're of of these lucky festival-goers, after you've purchased your tickets one big decision still remains - what will you wear?

Yes, because aside from the alway-amazing sites, people watching and performances, we know that these festivals are also significant fashion events (isn't that the sole motive some of us even sign up to go in the first place?!). Some popular fashion pieces of last year's round-up included: chokers, suede hats, statement coin necklaces, flare pants, lace-up tops, flower crowns (yes, they're STILL doing that), whispy whites and gladiator sandals. While many of these will undoubtedly make reappearances aga…