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Fall Preview

Few weeks ago I was super excited to have my good friend Hillary perform another photo magic for me.  This time, it's for the Fall 2012 collection and the photo shoot was taken in her hometown Santa Monica.   Hillary and I met when we attended college in Hawaii and within a short time, we've become great friends and the best roommate anyone could ask for!  It was there that we learned a lot of what shaped the people we'd become later in life.  We learned about hard work, assimilating to a new environment and making friends in an international community.  Ironic enough,  we were both from LA and moved to Hawaii for college and now we are back home creating a new career path.  I am so thankful for her friendship, support and helping me since the inception of Mei Vintage.  All of the pictures on my website was taken by Hillary and what a talented photographer she is.  Some of Hillary's photographs and editorials were featured in Surfer's Journal and various surf magaz…

Sesame Street Inspired Art

I love unplanned weekend where spontaneous suggestion from a friend turned out to be a fun filled visit to an art gallery.  Last weekend a good friend invited me to check out a new artwork Exhibit at Know Gallery in LA.  I've been there before, but this show in particular was so much fun!  The exhibit took me back to my childhood where I use to watch Sesame Street with my brother and learned ABC and sang along with Elmo!  The show did such a great job at merging childhood nostalgia with street art.  There were over 40 works of art and artists from all over the world.  Thanks to my good friend, the exhibit brought a huge smile to my face! Below are some pictures I took.  Enjoy!

Check out this cute video I stumble upon.... Fiest singing 1234 on Sesame Street!