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Art Therapy

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a new exhibit at MOCA.  I decided to come here on a whim right after a hectic week of work preparing for holiday rush deliveries. After my many trips to downtown LA, I decided to take a spontaneous detour. To my surprise, it was exactly what I really needed to distress myself. It turned out to be a night of art therapy and visiting the museum was really an escape to another place in time where I can feel calm, relax and declutter my mind.  My face completely lit up as soon as I walk inside and saw the new exhibit called Room to Live curated by Bennett Simpson.

I took some snapshots below of the new exhibit, Room to Live features selected room-scale works and in-depth single artist presentation. 

The highlight was walking through Marnie Weber's Giggle of Clowns that shows off a group of clowns mourning the loss of one of the characters. There's a sense of sadness and hysterical comedy all around.  I'm not sure to smile or be sad o…