Fab.com = Fabulous Finds

I recently discovered a website called Fab.com and have been raving about this new flash sale site to everyone I came across.  It will be soon featuring our leather handbags and leather wallets. It's not your typical online retail site.  Fab.com showcase some of the most unique design inspirations and sales upto 70% off retail to members only.  The site has become so popular there's even a wait list just to become a member.  This past Christmas I avoided the mall and completed my Christmas shopping with a lot of help from Fab.com.  I found a lot of unique gift ideas for all ages!!!

Great News!  I was super excited when I received an email from the Fab.com team asking me if  I would like to feature Mei Vintage bags on their site. Without hesitation, I said yes!  I woke up this morning and saw orders coming in.  Thank you Fab.com.!!  If you are still looking to purchase a Mei Vintage handbag, I recommend that you sign up here and get ready for an amazing deal!  Mei Vintage handbag is available on Fab.com TODAY ( and Fri. and Sat.  --- it's a 3 day sale).  Here's a sneak peek:

Also, here are some unique design pieces that's happening this week that caught my interest! 

Orbit Chair by nuLoom
Felt feather headband by Blue Eyed Freckle

Kangaroo recycled leather container by Vacavaliente
Walnut cuff by Travis James


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