Fall Preview

Few weeks ago I was super excited to have my good friend Hillary perform another photo magic for me.  This time, it's for the Fall 2012 collection and the photo shoot was taken in her hometown Santa Monica.   Hillary and I met when we attended college in Hawaii and within a short time, we've become great friends and the best roommate anyone could ask for!  It was there that we learned a lot of what shaped the people we'd become later in life.  We learned about hard work, assimilating to a new environment and making friends in an international community.  Ironic enough,  we were both from LA and moved to Hawaii for college and now we are back home creating a new career path.  I am so thankful for her friendship, support and helping me since the inception of Mei Vintage.  All of the pictures on my website was taken by Hillary and what a talented photographer she is.  Some of Hillary's photographs and editorials were featured in Surfer's Journal and various surf magazines.  I really hope to see her work at an art gallery soon!!  For now, here's some eye candy for your viewing pleasure!  The Fall collection will be available to purchase here in a month, so please check back!

This Fall, I wanted to bring back a little bit of old world glamour by focusing on hand beaded craftsmanship.  I experimented new textures and patterns and the results turned out to be eye-catching and a stunner!   The pattern is simple and retro inspired. This new flapover bag can double as an ipad carrying bag!  It will be available in two design patterns: retro cube and abstract Asian wave (not pictured).   I had so much fun designing this and I hope it's going to be a hit!

Hand beaded leather flapover bag in retro cube

Next is the new cell phone wallet!  From time to time, customers ask me if I will be designing wallets in the near future.  I really appreciate my customers feedback.  So this Fall,  I've decided to take up the challenge and design a cell phone wallet (made from leather remnants!)  that would be big enough to fit all of our must-haves (like an iphone, business cards, credit cards and cash) yet compact enough so you can be hands free!   This little wallet (should be called a smart wallet instead!) comes with a removable hook so you can hook the wallet securely onto your bigger bag or onto your belt hoop! Pretty smart don't you think?!!

Upcycled leather cell phone wallets


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