Magic Market Week - Vegas

I recently returned from Vegas showcasing our Fall/Winter Collection at WWDMAGIC as part of the Emerging Designer Showcase.  I met buyers from some great stores and several will be carrying Mei Vintage handbags soon!  I also had such a great time meeting all of the talented designers.  There were 7 apparel designers and 4 accessory designers.  They all exude so much passion!  It was a really good experience and the highlight of this trip was learning about their inspiration and their personal journey of how they each started their own label.

Calgary based fashion label, Bano eeMee, design these buttery soft sexy leather jackets that immediately caught my attention. The designer, Aleem Arif was also chosen as the top emerging designer form the Emerging Designer Showcase.  He will receive a round trip ticket to Paris and meet and greet with the Galeries Lafayette women's buyer.  Congrats! What a great opportunity and I know Aleem's collection will be a hit!

Clothing by Dress Reform and handbags by Mei Vintage.  Photos courtesy of LA Fashion Magazine

I was turned on to NY brand, Dress Reform by their gorgeous eco-friendly fabric and their laid back, comfort wear.  Designer Krystal and I collaborated on an on-site shoot!  It was so much fun!  

When I saw these bamboo sunglasses, it was love at first sight!  These sunglasses (with polarized lens) are from Panda Sunglasses and they are super lightweight and comfortable! Once I learned the story behind the brand, I was smitten. 

Designers: Bano eeMee, Black Russian Label, Blacmera, Dress Reform, Fabswank, Garb, Jare International,
KD Custom Jewelry, Maison Castel, Mei Vintage, Panda Sunglasses, Seeley, Shawl Dawls, Sylvia Mollie

There were so many amazing brands at Magic Market Week and the ones that I mentioned are the ones that really stood out!  Thank you WWDMAGIC for the wonderful opportunity!  


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