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Credit: Coachella

Coachella has kicked off festival season in all its wonderful, sweaty, fringed glory. With dozens of more events on the docket for summer 2017 (Summerfest, Bonnaroo, and Pitchfork to name a few), music fans are flocking from all across the globe to hear their favorite bands and enjoy a carefree, unforgettable weekend of fun in the sun. If you're of of these lucky festival-goers, after you've purchased your tickets one big decision still remains - what will you wear?

Yes, because aside from the alway-amazing sites, people watching and performances, we know that these festivals are also significant fashion events (isn't that the sole motive some of us even sign up to go in the first place?!). Some popular fashion pieces of last year's round-up included: chokers, suede hats, statement coin necklaces, flare pants, lace-up tops, flower crowns (yes, they're STILL doing that), whispy whites and gladiator sandals. While many of these will undoubtedly make reappearances again and again, 2017 has few new trends up its bell sleeve.

While it's rather simple to throw on a maxi dress, add a few braids to your locks and slap on some metallic tats, it's the climate and the atmosphere of a music festival that can make it a bit tricky to pack for. Between the blistering temps, dusty winds, muddy dancing grounds and need for easy day-to-night transitions, it's a challenge to say the least. Lucky for you, we've put together the ultimate guide to help you stand apart and..well..stay standing. That's why this list is set to help you remain both stylish and practical, because as cliche as it is, comfort is the key.

From distressed denim to bold accessories, these essential items are perfect for making any outfit festival-chic and totally Instagram-worthy:

1.) Denim:
Denim is the easiest thing to dress up for dress down, and it will pretty much always be in style. The best way to rock this trend is with great pair of denim cutoff shorts, a denim vest or event denim overalls. This fabric is versatile, durable and will assure you'll be on a fashion miss list. Check out some of our favorite denim cut-offs for this year:

501 Levi shorts

Longline Denim Long Shorts 

Topshop Rose Embrioidered Mom Shorts

2.) The perfect Fanny Pack:
Don't even try to kid yourself that you won't need a bag. Trust us, you most defiantly will. Whether you're camping on site for staying off base, you'll be at the festival (and likely frolicking from stage to stage) for he better part of the day and night. So, you'll need some supplies like your phone, sunscreen and money. The fanny pack has made a comeback in recent years and is the perfect hands-free style for music festivals and traveling alike. You'll effortlessly be able to hold onto your belongings, keeping everything safe while you rock out with an adult beverage in hand. This fanny pack is the perfect size to fit all the necessities without weighing you down:

Mei Vintage Convertible Fanny Pack 

3.) A Killer pair of shades:
If there's one must-have accessory for music festival season, it's hard to argue that it's anything but a great pair of shades. Not just for looking cool, sunglasses will help with the bright sun, too! Sunglasses can also shed your eyes from dust and sand, common at these kinds of events. Round frames are all the rage right now and are the perfect addition to any boho-style wardrobe:

Oliver People Corby 51mm Round Sunglasses

Freepeople Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

4.) Fun jewelry:
From turquoise and silver to leathered and feathered, there's a statement piece (or several!) of jewelry just waiting to take your festival outfit to another level. Don't be afraid to crank up the volume with some loud colors and edgy chains, or keep it earthy with florals, fringe and beads. One trend that we're loving for 2017 is dainty scarves and bandanas - perfect to be worn as neck party but then used to tie up your hair in the evenings. Free People has a fantastic collection to go along with many styles:

Wren Silk Bandana

Classic Frayed Bandana

5.) Practical ankle boots:
When it comes to choosing shoes for a music festival, it can often be a bit of a conundrum. You want to keep it chic and of course complete your look, but you also want to survive a long day of standing. The great news is that there are so many shoes out there that can be fulfill both! Don't make your feet be the ultimate sacrifice, and you'll thank us come Monday. Our top pick? A pair of western style booties. Check out these for some inspiration:

Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Ankle Boot

Nasty Gal Monterey Embroidered Fringe Moccasin Boot

6.) A Hat:
Flower crowns? Out. Hats of all types? So in. In lieu of a floral garland, stick with a brimmed hat this year. You really can't go wrong. They'll shade your face, help to prevent pesky sunburns and keep your makeup looking flawless, all the while preserving your sense of fashion. Something big and floppy, a fedora or a printed baseball cap are all great options. May flower crowns forever be laid to rest (probably not, but one can dream).

ASOS Brixton Fedora Hat with Fringe 

7.) A flowy romper:
Rompers are pretty much perfect for festival season. Ask anyone. They're just as cute as a dress but also allow you to move around free without the worry for a wardrobe malfunction. These numbers also make packing and decision making a breeze. You can achieve a super chick look quite easily with a romper, just pair any style with a few stellar accessories and you're good to go. We're loving cut-outs and deep plunges for this year:

Ecote Yarn Dye Stripe Cutout Jumpsuit 

Socialite Lace Overlay Romper

8.) Flashy brallettes or bodysuits:
There's a reason why bralelettess and bodysuits are so popular. They're comfortable, and you can wear them as top without being judged.., well, maybe in this setting anyways. They're ideal to wear for hot and sweaty dance sessions that most festivals spark up, plus it's super easy to layer anything one these options when temps may cool down in the evening. Brallettes and bodysuits can be found nearly anywhere these days, but check out Urban Outfitters for some more lavish ones or simple style from Topshop:

Out From Under Metallic Rayan Micro Bralette

Out From Under Double Layer Festival Bralette

Topshop Pale Pink Bodysuit 

9.) A bonus accessory:
Feel like letting your wild, quirky side show a bit more? While flash tats are still in style, these facial sticker gens will be sure to have all eyes on you:

Tattify Face Rocks

Checkout our outfit selection to go with our Edith fanny pack!

1. Oliver people sunglasses 2.ASOS fedora hat 3.Topshop body suit 4. Mei Vintage fanny pack 5.Longline denim shorts
6. Mei Vintage necklace 7. Freepeople scarf 8. Jeffrey Campbell ankle boot.

What festivals are you going to this summer? which quirky fashion statement are you most excited to show off?


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