How to Take Care of Your Leather Bag

Do you own a couple of bags in your wardrobe? Most of the time, women possess at least two bags or more, depending on personal preferences. There are plenty of bag styles on the market, ranging from totes to clutches. But one real and rather fancy fashion investment is a designer leather bag. These bags exude style and sophistication. Aside from posh leather bags, there are also upcycled bags or those that are created from reclaimed yet usable materials like fabrics, plastics, and more. Upcycled bags are mostly eco-friendly, and highlights uniqueness through a mélange of distinct layout and accessories.

Purchasing a new bag is very exciting, however taking care of one can be a challenge. The greatest enemy of bag owners is unwanted damage and natural wear and tear. How will you take care of your bags for them to last a little bit longer than expected? Well, this might be a tough job, especially if you don’t know the ins and outs of proper bag maintenance. Don’t worry! We’ve list down some reliable tips and tricks on caring and cleaning your leather bags.

Choose Quality Over Quantity
The most basic, but often neglected trick. Owning one quality bag is way better than stacking up a collection of cheap and low-quality items. Collecting unreliable bags will just stress yourself out with lots of worn-then-sewn patches or even unexpected goodbyes to your favorites. Quality bags, on the other hand, have limited future issues that will surely save you a heartbreak and money.

Clean at Least Once a Week
To ensure that bags are properly taken care of, it is recommended to wipe your leather bag at least once a week using warm and soapy water and a quick wipe down using damp cloth should do the trick. This process act as leather stain remover using a minimal amount of water to get rid of grease, dirt, and scuffs. 

Treat Stains As Soon As Possible
If you accidentally spill something on your bag― whether coffee, drinks, or pen ink, treat them right away. Do not wait for the stain to infiltrate the bag material because you’ll definitely end up with an ink removal professional or forever deal with such annoying mark. If you want to save money, you  can try DIY ink removing procedure, but be sure to do it with caution. Do not just use water on grease stain because it might remove the leather surface. Only use a specialized leather cleaning agent. We recommend apple leather cleaning kit or similar product.  To weatherproof your bag, try a weatherproof product to protects your bag and keeps it from wear and tear, especially applied before being used for the very first time.

Spot-test the Cleaning Agent before using it
To avoid hassle and disappointment with your stained leather bag, always try to test the cleaning agent with other discarded leather piece or start with the inside of the bag. If the trial and error method is good, then you can begin with cleaning the stain by yourself. Just make sure to avoid holding the area with the cleaning agent for an effective removal.

Treating Old Stains
Dealing with old stain is a mess. If stains are quite old, then please do not remove it by yourself. You will only have a hard time rubbing it out or worse, you will disperse the stain to other areas. Seek professional care when it comes to old, stubborn stains. Ask for help from the experts.

Remove Nasty Bag Smell
To get rid of odor inside your bag, try using baking powder. Put an open container filled with baking powder inside your bag then cover your bag with a dust bag or old pillow case. Leave it for 24 hours to see results.

Stuff your Bag if Not in Use
Keep your bags in its original shape and style by stuffing it with soft paper or plastic. This way, you will attractively retain the figure of the bag. If you have a dust bag or an old pillow case, use it to cover your idle bags.

Stay Away from Sunlight
Sunlight is not your bag's friend. Colors will fade and eventually damage the leather in the long run. Store your bag in a chill place to preserve its nature.


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